Our business card is our smile and no doubt that a pleasant smile makes all the difference! Orthodontics, Ceramic Crowns and Whitening, are the most used means to make your smile flawless. Certainly your self-esteem and self-confidence will be better, thus contributing to a healthier and more cheerful life.



The appearance of implants has greatly favored the oral rehabilitation of patients, it no longer makes sense to use removable prosthesis, that is, acrylic or skeletal prosthesis, now the rehabilitation is fixed. The comfort and safety of the patient are assured, making your daily life more confident and cheerful, without complexes and without fear that the prosthesis falls.



Children’s teeth health is critical to their healthy growth and development. The mouth is the main gateway of the body, so we should take special care. From the moment the first tooth emerges, it is important that the dental doctor follow it, as this can prevent the appearance of early caries.




In addition to solving the aesthetic problems, the device allows to correct the difficulties of chewing and breathing, as well as phonetic difficulties. Orthodontics perfectly resolves the bad position of the teeth. There are two types of appliances, the aesthetic whose parts are the color of the tooth and the metal ones. The end result is the same in either case.




Periodontal disease is a concern of the entire medical profession. Microorganisms can have serious consequences for the patient, and having a healthy mouth is the key to preventing this from happening. The gums can not bleed when brushing and the teeth should not have mobility. If this is happening it is urgent to make an appointment with your dentist.


Returning a smile without having the discomfort of having to remove the prosthesis to clean, is a great satisfaction for both the professional and the patient. The time of the plaques and skeletal is already gone. The safety and reliability of fixed rehabilitation gives you great comfort and self-esteem.